As we dive into the new year Seed 2 Leaf Environmental is investing in upgrading our service fleet to deliver a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. That’s a big statement, but from the onset we decided that we were going to differentiate ourselves in this market by building equipment that is designed for purpose – not renting equipment that just “works” for the job.

You’ll notice in the pictures we updated the Nissan with a fresh KA24DE-T block to ensure we had an engine that delivered good power to weight ratio on our spray rig. We chose to do this for a number of reasons, the KA engine was offered in the Nissan in a 2.0L version so we figured the block should mount well. Expected power will be about 325hp which will help us with those inclines and long hauls on the highway.

Most importantly, the heart of the truck will also run our spray system by utilizing a proprietary pumping system that will be unmatched in our industry. No risk to clients for fuel spills, no “hot work” small gas engines running off the back, and no communications risk for the 80+db honda engines that are industry standard.

Back when I was running health and safety, I vividly recall observing (with an auditor beside me) an employee back his truck within 5 meters of a wellhead to do a 3 point turn. What stood out as a critical safety hazard, beyond the lack of a spotter – was the engine roaring off the back of the truck, creating a serious risk for explosion.

We decided it’s 2021 – and times are changing. So we dove into this venture by using a chassis like no other and we will continue to innovate by developing built for purpose machines to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

P.S. We also think the turbo spray truck is super cool. #becauseworkcanbefuntoo.

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