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Humble beginnings.... "I've always been a continual learner starting in this industry in South East Saskatchewan in early 2007 I discovered an opportunity to grow as a person and dedicate myself to IVM. When I started S2L I wanted to show that this industry can foster environmental guardians that focus on adaptive and comprehensive plans. We will be leaders and champions of industry." - Daryl Wright

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Seed 2 Leaf Environmental Has a vision of being guardians of our natural ecosystems by providing adaptive frameworks for integrated pest management developed specifically for industry to meet environmental goals, obligations and targets. We accomplish this by investing in our workforce, working with communities to engage citizen science and being a resource for education in the IVM sector.


The Invasive Monitoring Program allows industrial clients, land managers, and government programs to visually observe infestations and understand environmental risk, legislative requirements and environmental best practices.
We engage communities to develop monitoring programs as part of our community Integrated Pest Management (IPM) development process. 
Community Level Invasive Species Management (ISM)
Plan Development 
Survey - Monitoring - Treatment
Educational seminars - Field Guide Development
Industrial/Landscape Herbicide Application 
BASAL Woody Species Application
Native and/or Desirable Species Seeding

03 Research and Expertise

Seed 2 leaf environmental is focused on building environmental stewardship by engaging land users on the importance of invasive species management (ISM). we engage communities by sharing knowledge, developing management plans, and linking youth employment opportunities in collaboration with industry.

Daryl Wright, (EP) established Seed 2 Leaf to address gaps discovered in his research and subsequent publication "An Indigenous Network for Invasive Species Management". Working with industry to develop indigenous inclusion and establishing a link between youth employment and community action.


Seed 2 Leaf Environmental receives a Band-Council Resolution (BCR) from Sweetgrass First Nation to assist in developing an Invasive Species Management (ISM) program under the First Nations Guardians program.


We are excited to present to the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations  Lands Board and Beaver Hills Biosphere. Sharing our vision for Indigenous inclusion in ISM across the prairies. 


Seed 2 Leaf takes pride in having the most advanced, purpose built equipment in the industry. We do not use rental trucks and we build our equipment from the ground up using the most advanced technology on the market.


  • We teamed up with SSS Motorsports in Edmonton, AB to develop a purpose built fleet that utilizes some of the most advanced technology in automotive and spraying technology. 
  • Equipment selection made to increase performance, reduce ergonomic risk and focus on operator safety.


  • S2L utilizes drone technology to reduce seed/plant disturbance and deliver the most advanced vegetation management on the market


  • We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how Seed 2 Leaf can help you in executing a successful environmental management program.
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